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For years, Ritchie Auto Electrics has been providing auto electric repairs in QLD.

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About Us

Automotive solutions at Ritchie Auto Electrics

Ritchie Auto Electrics is a 2nd generation family-owned business established in 1976. We are qualified motor mechanics and auto electricians with 44 years of experience. We provide the highest quality automotive mechanical and electrical repair services to satisfy every customer. Our service includes:

  • Auto Electrical Diagnosis
  • Mechanical Repairs & General Service
  • Air Conditioning Repairs, Regas & Evaporator Replacement
  • Automotive Wiring Repair
  • Passenger & Commercial Car Maintenance
  • Caravan Ready Towing & etc
Ritchie Auto Electrics
Ritchie Auto Electrics
Our Services

Reliable & Efficient Auto Electricals

We offer mechanical repair and logbook servicing, regular maintenance services, and all types of electrical repairs using state-of-the-art technology at Ritchie Auto Electrics.

Our Services

Mechanical Repairs & General Service

Mechanical Repairs & General Service

Ritchie Auto Electrics is equipped with skilled technicians and we take pleasure in providing excellent service. We are known for open and honest communication. We provide a wide range of services, including motor repair, basic automobile maintenance, and more in-depth repairs. We perform:

  • Pre-inspection check
  • Test drive of the vehicle
  • Operational check
  • Accessory drive belt adjustment
  • Digital battery test
Mechanical Repairs & General Service
Mechanical Repairs & General Service
Why Choose Us

We are one of the finest auto electrical repairers in QLD!

All our customers know that they will receive high quality work, service and value when opting for Ritchie Auto Electrics.

Qualified Mechanics

We provide auto servicing from experienced specialists so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in good hands.

Logbook Service

We provide logbook servicing, which does not affect the car manufacturer's warranty once we've serviced them.

Maintenance & Repair

Maintaining and repair your vehicle is an important service that ensures you and your family’s safety while on the roads.

Electric Service

We are specialised in regular electric service which includes electric brake installation and Anderson plug fitting.


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