Experienced auto electricians in Brisbane

We are EFI specialists

Ritchie Auto Electrics has been providing auto electric repairs to vehicles in Brisbane for years. Our auto electricians have been in the business for just as long, so when it comes to fixing electrical car problems, they've seen it all.  We ensure our staff as well as our facilities stay modern, providing training programs and constantly updating equipment. These are some of the main reasons we remain on top for electric car repairs throughout Brisbane. 

Ongoing training

ongoing training for auto electricians in Brisbane

All of our auto electricians come highly skilled with a wealth of experience. However, at Ritchie Auto Electrics we feel you never stop learning. That's why we provide all of our staff with ongoing training throughout the year, so that we remain up-to-date with the latest in auto technology. 

Modern industry

interior of a modern luxury car in Slacks Creek

As auto electricians our trade is constantly changing and evolving, bringing with it new technology and techniques. We remain on the cutting edge of the industry, always looking for creative and innovative ways to do our job. We offer you a service that is constantly improving. 

Quality equipment

quality electric equipment in Slacks Creek

All of our tools and equipment are industry-approved and of the highest quality. We constantly update our gear to maintain a modern business here in Brisbane. This ensures we're able to repair and maintain electrics from vintage vehicles to brand new cars released this year.